Selected List of Completed Projects

Financial & Insurance

  • Mutual Fund Prospectuses 
  • 401(k) Plans 
  • Annual Reports 
  • Employee Health Plan Documents 
  • Dental Care Plan Documents 
  • Claims Correspondence


  • Bioprosthetic Cardiac Valve Specifications 
  • Cytomegalovirus Testing Kit Instructions 
  • Enzymeimmunoassay Toxin Detection Protocol 
  • Arthroscopic Surgical System Manual 
  • Detection Kit For HLTV-I And HLTV-II Instructions 
  • Transmyocardial Revascularization System Specifications 
  • Automatic Inflatable Blood Pressure Monitor Instructions 
  • Pharmaceutical Data Sheets 
  • Pacemaker Operator's and Doctor's Manuals 
  • HIV Testing Kits Instructions


  • Affidavits 
  • Contracts 
  • Depositions 
  • Immigration Materials 
  • Marriage Certificates 
  • Birth Certificates 
  • School and University Transcripts 
  • Minutes


  • Turbine Activated Compression Equipment Systems Manual 
  • Milliampere/Voltmeter/Ohmmeter System Operator Manual 
  • Nonlinear Transmission Selection Guide 
  • Chromatography/Spectrography Systems Manual 
  • Calculator And Electronic Printer Operation Manual 
  • Engine Manufacturer Maintenance Newsletter 
  • Airport Construction Engineering Proposal 
  • Child Locator And Smoke Detector Manual 
  • Swimming Pool Vacuum System Installation Manual 
  • Equipment Systems For Soft Drink Sales Manual 
  • Material Safety Data Sheets 
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector User Manual 
  • Microwave Oven Operation Manual 
  • Floor Maintenance Program Manual 
  • Modular Building Systems Installation Guide 
  • Modular Building Systems Construction Guide 
  • Payroll And Human Resources Data Processing System 
  • Wristwatch Programming Instructions 
  • Wireless Home Security Center Installation Manual 
  • Speaker System Owner Manual 
  • Bicycle Halogen Light System User Manual 
  • Bicycle Suspension Fork System Manual


  • Press Releases 
  • Television Commercial Scripts 
  • Radio Commercial Scripts 
  • Trade Show Copy 
  • Conference Programs 
  • Promotion Brochures 
  • Ad Copy


  • Bid Documentation and Proposals 
  • Employee Manuals 
  • Employee Performance Evaluation Questionnaires 
  • Handicrafts Products: Catalogue, Project Instructions, Packaging 
  • Management Training Programs 
  • Personnel Newsletters 
  • Hair Care Treatment Products Packaging and User Instructions 
  • Catalog of Swimming and Diving Gear 
  • Catalog and Packaging Materials for Major Children's and Infant's Products Manufacturer


  • Casino Games Instruction Guide
  • Electronic Games Instructions
  • Electronic Percussion Instruments Instructions
  • Election Voting Guide
  • School Textbooks
  • Children's Books
  • Restaurant Menus
  • State Water Conservation Manual
  • Art Museum Guides
  • Voter's Guides to Political Candidates
  • Automotive Parts Catalog
  • Sporting Goods Products Line

Not for profit

  • Domestic Violence Prevention Program Materials
  • Teen Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Materials
  • AIDS Awareness Promotional Materials
  • Boys' Club Educational Guide
  • International Children's Welfare Organization's